Investing In Silver Bullion : Investment Recommendations

Invest in the stock market and life insurance

Investing in silver is a great idea, but you have better ones. Before you go public, do not forget that this remains a risky investment. You can win bigger or smaller … or lose everything. To advise you, at least in the early days, have a broker or your bank accompany you. They will help you sort through the various existing investment vehicles and determine your investment plan according to your budget. If you expect a minimum return on investment, many financial advisers believe that the capital invested must be at least € 2,000. Choose your stocks or financial products with caution and do not hesitate to call an advisor if you do not have all the money in the stock market.

Investing In Silver Bullion : Tips and Advices

If you are someone who is planning, then life insurance is probably the investment you need, since it means long term. A few hundred euros are enough to open an account and the average rate of return for funds in euros was 1.50% in 2017. On a life insurance, the funds are available and if you remove them before a period of 8 years, only interest will be taxable.

Invest in wine

Much like the stock market before, investing in wine was an operation for large budgets. A few years ago, a minimum investment of € 10,000 was needed. Today, from € 1,000, you have the opportunity to invest in red gold. Nevertheless, to carry out a profitable operation, one must not invest in any wine and especially not anyhow. A minimum of knowledge of the wine market is de rigueur to buy at the fairest price.

Choose the best wines, especially Bordeaux wines, which are among the most popular and sought-after wines in the world. Check its origin by detailing its label. Prefer wines already bottled because they have a better visibility as to the quality / price ratio, and in wooden crates of origin of 6 to 12 bottles. To benefit from an interesting added value, you must let your wine gain value, at least for 4 years. During this period, the bottles must be kept in a professional winery to guarantee you conservation in the best conditions.

Investing In Silver Bullion : Investment Guide

Think about crowdfunding to invest your money

Crowdfunding or crowdfunding is ideal for small budgets. It involves injecting a sum of money, no matter how small, into a project. If it succeeds, your winnings will be calculated in proportion to your starting bet. The projects are multiple but those inherent in real estate offer a rather attractive return that is around 10%. On the other hand, if the project does not succeed, you lose all your capital.

Investing money is now possible and accessible, even for small budgets. And the internet has greatly favored the diversity of investment solutions. Nevertheless, there are investments more or less risky and to be sure to increase its starting capital, better be informed of the consequences and be aware of the market that interests you.

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