Gold Silver Prices History : How to invest in gold to be rich?

Safe haven, performance, diversification of your portfolio, so many reasons to invest in the yellow metal. But once the decision is made, how?

The basic principles

First of all, it is useful to recall 3 basic principles applicable to any investment: to be informed, to diversify, and to be patient.

To be informed is to understand gold and the factors that influence its price, its taxation and its risks. You will find on our site many guides to help you and if questions persist, do not hesitate to push the door of a professional of the gold.

To diversify is obviously not to put all your savings in yellow metal. It is generally considered that 5 to 10% gold in the portfolio is a reasonable proportion.

Finally, being patient means positioning oneself in the medium or long term, and if possible by splitting up purchases over time by regular savings in order to smooth the average price and not buy on a peak.

Gold Silver Prices History : Investment recommendations

Physical gold or gold paper?

Paper gold is simply dematerialized gold. This category includes funds, derivatives (futures and other certificates) whose price is linked to that of the yellow metal. In short all forms of investment in which gold is not physically and directly held by the buyer. Paper gold has its advantages, but it is generally reserved for savvy or professional investors, for example when it comes to speculating downwards. Thus the AMF issues warnings for derivatives for individuals.

But in many cases, paper gold is not guaranteed by physically held gold, which can be a problem, especially if there is a real financial panic. It is the purchase of physical gold from a professional, in the form of coins and ingots, under seal and with invoice, which provides the greatest security to the investor because once the purchase is made, it will not There is more middleman who could go bankrupt and be unable to deliver the gold. What better guarantee than being able to “touch” your investment?

Gold Silver Prices History : Tips for Investors

Think about resale your golds

Even if you invest for the long term, you may need to sell the coins and bullion that you bought. That is why it is relevant to split your purchase in order, for example, to avoid getting rid of a 250g ingot worth more than 10’000 euros if you only need 2’000 euros of cash. 5 ingotins of 50 grams return to the same and offer more flexibility.

In any case, according to the amounts of your investment, a professional in the sector will accompany you and offer you personalized solutions.

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