Gold Silver Prices Chart : Recommendations for Investors

What are the benefits of investing in gold?

Napoleon and bullion are effective tools for diversification or speculation. But this is not a reason to go headlong. As for an investment in the stock market or in stone, a gold investment is preparing, thoroughly.

Gold protects against a decline in major currencies, a return of inflation, even a crash on the financial markets. Very volatile, the yellow metal is however to use with caution.

It is recommended to opt for a basket of raw materials via a specialized fund or a trackers. Holding physical gold in the form of Napoleon wrasse or ingots poses storage and conservation problems. Finally remember that precious metals do not pay anything and are often heavily taxed at the exit. In addition, banks are reluctant to sell.

Gold Silver Prices Chart : Tips and Advices

Gold is symbol of power and wealth

Gold is a symbol of success, power and wealth in the collective unconscious. Throughout the ages, he has not ceased to fascinate, to keep a magical character and thus to stir up all the desires and that in all civilizations.

Yet, with the rise of finance in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, investing in physical gold seems finally to have been relegated to the radius of archaisms.

Now, in typical portfolio allocations, we find few precious metals. This is without counting on periods of financial crisis that regularly place the yellow metal on the front of the stage as the ultimate safe haven.

Since the bursting of the Internet bubble (2001 – 2002) we are regularly in this type of conjuncture that is giving rise to a “gold rush” at times.

In fact, the gold market for investors is very complex because the yellow metal has as many ownerships as any financial asset. To make matters worse, there is no longer in Europe official course of the yellow metal. Most observers follow the price of the ounce of gold.

Gold Silver Prices Chart : Investment Guide

5% of your investments

The wealthiest investors can buy some physical gold in order to diversify their investments. Provided not to exceed 5% of the assets in shares and other assets.
Michael J.Kosares explains, in his book “The ABCs of Gold Investing: How to Protect and Build Your Wealth With Gold,” that investing in gold also depends on the knowledge of the subscriber.

According to him, a person who is poorly informed in finance must invest a maximum of 10% of his money in gold. The proportion must also be influenced by your convictions.

A person who anticipates a rise in the general price level will put more gold into his portfolio.

Conclusion: Synonymous with wealth, the yellow metal has fascinated investors since time immemorial. Some 10% of European people would own about 3,000 tons, for a total of about 120 billion euros. Parts and ingots are often transmitted from generation to generation. As for an investment in the stock market or in stone, a gold investment is preparing, thoroughly.

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