Gold Or Silver Investment : How to invest in gold?

The Sino-US trade war as well as economic uncertainties and the fear of a recession soon in the United States push the precious yellow metal to the peaks. Indeed, as soon as the economic situation darkens, gold appreciates. Two reasons explain this phenomenon: on the one hand, investors turn away from risky assets and turn massively towards this safe haven; on the other hand, central banks, to support the banking system, lower their interest rates, which has the effect of reducing investments competing with the precious yellow metal that do not distribute coupons.

Gold Or Silver Investment : Tips and Advices

Thus, between the end of August 2018 and the end of August 2019, gold was up with + 32% for the 1 kg physical gold bullion (which went from € 33,700 to € 44,380) and + 29% for the ounce of gold (from $ 1,180 to over $ 1,530). And analysts are optimistic and predict the yellow metal a continuation of the rise in the coming months.

As a result, since December 2018, trading volumes have increased by 15% according to the founder of the national gold counter. In this context, sellers and buyers are more and more numerous. It may be wise to position yourself on the yellow metal. Discover in this article three ways to invest in gold, according to its investment objectives and risk profile.

Gold Or Silver Investment : Recommendations for investors

Buy physical gold

First way to position yourself on gold, and probably the most obvious, the purchase of physical gold. Moreover, this means is widely acclaimed by the Europeans who keep, in the form of coins or ingots, 3,000 tons of gold.

There are different ways to invest in physical gold. Individuals can actually opt for the purchase of ingots of 1 kg which was exchanged at the end of August more than 44 000 euros per unit, but also for ingotins of 100g and different gold coins. The best known and most exchanged is undoubtedly the Napoleon.

The main disadvantage of physical gold lies in its storage. You can do it yourself or call on companies specialized in this activity. You can of course put them in a safe in the bank. These last two solutions, the safest, still have a cost.

This type of investment is more for the “good father” who wants to secure part of the family capital and wants to invest in the safe haven par excellence rather than the informed trader. Buying physical gold is particularly suitable for defensive to balanced risk profiles.

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