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Some figures to invest in gold

The woolen stock of the Europe contains about 30,000 tons of gold held in the form of coins, ingots and ingots.

Good to know: ingots are small ingots whose weights vary from 5, 10, 20, 100, 250 to 500 g of pure metal. Attention: the more the ingots are light and the more expensive they are. For the same weight of gold, the average premium of a 5 g ingot is for example about 7/8% while that of Napoleon, is only + or – 0.5%.

If all the generations are fond of gold, the seniors acquire among others for themselves and / or to transmit it to their descendants. Young people are also very attached to what the economist Keynes referred to as a “barbarian relic”.

Gold Investment Analysts : Tips and Advices

Example: According to some sources, 12% of 25-34 year olds have investment gold such as bullion, coins, gold mining stocks, ETFs, or certificates .

According to this survey, 11% of men report owning investment gold compared to 5% of women. However when we talk about gold jewelry that is not considered investment gold, the proportions are reversed: 30% of women hold gold against 15% of men.

Good to know: you can invest in gold directly or through paper gold.

Gold Investment Analysts : Investment Guide

Invest in Gold: Physical Gold

Physical gold is a safe haven and its price is influenced by two major factors: international tensions. The stronger these tensions, the more investors look for tangible assets, foremost among which is gold; the level of interest rates. When rates are low, the differential between gold and other investments declines. On the other hand, when the rent of money increases (higher rates), this gap is accentuated.

Example: 200 euros placed at 1% yield 2 euros. If this rate rises to 2%, the yield increases to 4 euros and the gap widens with the yellow metal which does not distribute dividends.

The price of gold ounce (31.10 g) is set by the London Bullion Market Association (LMBA). It controls the listing of precious metals in the main markets of the planet. Also called “fixing”, this quotation takes place twice a day, at 10.30 and 17.30 (Europe time).

The valuation of gold coins is less framed than that of gold. Since 2004, there is no official gold listing in Europe. Prices are calculated by CP Or, the main European wholesaler. This value includes a “bonus”, also determined by CP Gold: it corresponds to the difference between the price of a coin and its weight of gold.

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