Business Investment Opportunities : Detailed Review

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How to invest your money? Presentation of 3 practical cases

The French save a large part of their income, on the order of 15% on average. Of course, this rate is even higher among the upper and upper middle classes (the CSP +). Yet, despite this high savings rate, many savers are not familiar with the different types of investments and do not know how to invest their savings well. This is what the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) notes in its latest study.

As a result, many savers do not invest their money optimally. In fact, they miss out on investments offering the best returns and do not always take advantage of existing tax optimizations in France. Consequences: a significant loss of income and a life less easy than it could be. So how to invest well?

Business Investment Opportunities : Information

In this article that we want concrete, we present you 3 practical cases common and easy to apprehend. First the case of Julie, a young active who wants to prepare a real estate purchase. Then Guillaume, already owner, who wishes to save to create an additional income. And finally Marc, a forty-year-old with objectives similar to those of Guillaume but with a larger savings capacity. These practical cases can be a source of inspiration for most French savers.

Julie saves to prepare a real estate purchase. Julie is 24 years old, graduated 1 year ago and entered the world of work. She receives a salary of 1,700 euros per month and saves about 350 euros per month (about 20% savings capacity). Note that she has the good habit: to pay first, before spending everything. His salary should increase in the coming years. Julie does not rule out changing employers to accelerate her career. She is therefore mobile and does not plan to buy her principal residence before 5 or 6 years, when it will be professionally and family-oriented.

Business Investment Opportunities : Tips and Advices

Julie’s current investments: all in A booklet!

Julie wants to know how to invest her money. It currently has a savings of 8,000 euros, fully placed on its booklet A (return of 0.75%). This savings only brought him 60 euros in interest last year. Julie’s savings are destined to grow in the years to come, so she wonders how to optimize her investments.

Julie needs to secure her contribution for a future real estate purchase, she must therefore move towards investments with a guarantee on the invested capital. Euro funds are one of the investment solutions that meet its criteria. The best funds in euros still earn around 3% a year.

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